Allison’s second solo recording project is now available! Order yours right here!

Songs From The Garden CD on Square Market

Digital Downloads Available Here!

    • Plenty
    • When I Get to Heaven
    • The Strawberry Girl
    • Two Houses
    • Chasing Fireflies
    • Peach Pie
    • Elizabeth’s Shoes
    • Day Old Bread
    • Sheila
    • The Blackest Crow
    • Your Laughing Daddy


Redbud Winter

Allison’s debut solo recording, Redbud Winter (2007), is now physically out of print.

It is still available via download through iTunes here or through a number of other digital download services here.


  • Redbud Winter
  • Arise
  • Famous Blue Apron
  • This Would Be My Home
  • Crazy Glue
  • Because I Can
  • Out There in Texas
  • Shuffletown
  • Gospel’s Little Home
  • Solstice

Other Recordings

Allison also played and/or sang on the following releases

In the Meantime (2006)
Letters to Mary

River of Stone (2010)
Billy Gewin

Pillow Full of Dreams (2012)
Bruce Gilbert

Blue Tattoo (2012)

Tom Wolf