The Fabulous Pinkie Sisters

943622_10151467585637632_1549073875_nThe Fabulous Pinkie Sisters, who range in age from 11 to 14, are Allison’s guitar and ukulele students. They are Ava Chester, Isabella Beeson, Anna Mahany, Alice Goddard, and Paige Garcia.

The Fabulous Pinkie Sisters will play a set on the Community Bandstand on the Decatur Square on Aug 31, 10:45 am, as part of the AJC-Decatur Book Festival!

Allison named them the Fabulous Pinkie Sisters because they all can do fabulous things with their pinkie fingers on their guitars and ukuleles. They have all been taking lessons for less than four years but have performed both together and individually in public several times.

Allison is ridiculously proud of them.