Ashley Filip, My Hero

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Ashley Filip CD Release
Saturday, October 13

707B East Lake Rd (Oakhurst Village)
Decatur GA
Show starts at 8pm.







Here is the story of the first time I met Ashley Filip. On Sunday nights, a few of us would gather at Kavarna, a coffee and wine bar in Oakhurst Village, to eat and drink and make merry and music and stuff. The Sunday Night Jam had been going on for a few months when this lovely, petite young woman came in with a guitar, got her cup of coffee, and sat down a few rows  back to listen. Toward the end of the session, another friend, voice teacher Catherine Dunne, said, “Y’all should hear Ashley.” And she practically dragged the quiet woman toward us.

One never knows in these moments what one is going to hear. But Ashley tuned up her guitar and started to play (well, alright!). Then she opened her mouth and started belting out a traditional blues, “Trouble In Mind.”

That voice, from that girl? Whoa.

Needless to say, Ashley became a regular at the Sunday Night Kavarna Jam, and we became good friends. Over the years I also learned that she has both a BA and a law degree from . . . wait for it . . . Harvard, and that she has a successful career as an up-and-coming attorney specializing in healthcare law.

Ashley and I began getting together quite regularly and learning each other’s songs and playing shows together whenever we had the chance. I love playing with Ashley. She’s a gifted guitarist and a smart and powerful songwriter. She always pushes herself to learn new things, and she isn’t afraid of a challenge. Her songs are a joy to hear and to play on, and I find backing her up on mandolin or guitar and vocals pure pleasure.

And tonight, folks have an opportunity to see Ashley shine. Her CD release party starts at 8:00 p.m. at Kavarna, and I’ll be backing her up along with our friends Billy Gewin, Cyndi Craven, and Adam Marlowe (bassist for Dirty Hotel Sunshine). The show will also feature guest performances by a bunch of great folks this evening, including Billy, Cyndi, the adorable Matt Hoffman, Bucky Motter, Chris Fox (from Bellwether Station), and Yours Truly.

All proceeds from Ashley’s CD sales will go to the Atlanta Volunteer Lawyers Foundation, which provides much-needed legal representation, education, and advocacy for at-risk and low-income individuals.

This will be a great evening. Come on out!

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